Our videos for July 2009

Greetings from Germany


In the Children Museum with MoPo / Im Kindermuseum mit MoPo


Finley's erste Karusellfahrt alleine


Finley and Mami on the roller coaster


Potatoes for Opa und Papa


Walter sings the natinal anthem on July 4th


A ride through the neighborhood




Boy Group


Bubble fun


Grace's Party at the Lake


Fun with our new babysitter Flora


das ist zu dolle ! ;)


Getting dizzy with Camille


Kilian is cleaning


Die Tankstelle ist kaputt / The Gas Station is broken


I love animals


torööööö mit Andreas




Finley, Finn, Jamie rocken ab (dance)


Heeey..... Maccarena...

 Und ex und weg :)


Last dance of the night